Working Groups

The core of EURADOS activities is aimed at promoting scientific and technical research and development in the field of ionizing radiation. The work is performed in Working Groups (WG) which are composed of Associate Members.

Working Group

WG Chairperson and email address

WG2 – Harmonisation of individual monitoring

P. Gilvin

WG3 – Environmental dosimetry

A. Vargas

WG6 – Computational dosimetry

R. Tanner

WG7 – Internal dosimetry

B. Breustedt

WG9 – Radiation dosimetry in radiotherapy

R. Harrison

WG10 – Retrospective dosimetry

C. Woda

WG11 – High energy radiation fields

M. Caresana

WG12 – Dosimetry in medical imaging

Z. Knezevic